Pol-ka Producciones S.A.

For six years I had the pleasure of assisting the Art Director to take their vision and bring it to life. The process began with my drawing detailed functional set plans and then closely overseeing the set builder's contruction process. Once the set was built I designed and created all the graphic material that would appear on the set and in the show.

Liberman Broadcasting - Estrella TV

I had fun creating and designing sets and games for different mega-game shows where two teams of six or more participants competed against each other on a weekly TV show. I also designed and created more than 100 different mini sets used for improvised sketches and concerts on a number of TV shows, as well as for an Internet channel



I worked as an Art Director for various clients designing sets for promotions, commercials, pilots and internet shows. I also designed logos and fictitious brands for television props and designed logos for several non-profit charities.


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