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DHAR MANN Studios - Los Angeles, CA                                                                            October 2021

Art Director / Set Dresser for the movie Girl Finds Out She's Adopted.  

Gerencia 360 Music - Los Angeles, CA                                                       January 2019 - March 2021  Creative Director & Art Director  for "MIC-ON" studios, located in Mexico.

  • Developed the concept and design of the studio and stage. 

  • Managed the building of the studio and stage remotely. 

Creative Director & Art Director for music stages in videos and shows.

  • Developed concept and designed cover art for each music single release.

  • Developed all general graphic content for their YouTube channel and multiple social media platforms.


Buzzfeed- Los Angeles, CA                                                                                                                April 2018

Production Designer  for Clamato publicity.

Heiberama LLC - Los Angeles, CA                                                                                                April 2018

Production Designer & Art Director for the talk show Combate Americas. 

Tiffany & Co., New York - Los Angeles, CA                                                                       January 2018

Prop Designer & Prop Maker for television commercial. 


Ferval Corporation - KWHY-TV - Los Angeles, CA                   August, October, December 2017

Set Dresser for the TV show Estas Cosas Pasan & Christmas Special.


Heiberama LLC - Los Angeles, CA                                                                                          

Set Designer & Art Director for Copa Combate promo for Telemundo.                                     October 2017

Art Director for the internet series FIFA Forever.                                                                        December 2016


Tica Productions - Los Angeles, CA                                                                                  December 2016

Art Director for the short film Reconnected.

Gerencia 360 Music- Los Angeles, CA                                                                                       June 2016

Art Director for the Premios Juventud VIP Tour.

  • Designed the stage for the concert sponsored by Univision at the Belasco Theatre                             in downtown Los Angeles.

  • Art direction for the short film that opened the show.

Liberman Broadcasting - Estrella TV - Burbank, CA        September 2012 - November 2016

Art Director

  • Designed and brought to life everything that had to do with the shows’ aesthetics and production.

  • Designed sets, created props and various mechanisms/devices.

  • Prepared and presented budget proposals, the majority of which came under budget.

  • Actively participated in the creative meetings for each program.

  • Typically supervised ten to seventeen assistants during each taping session.

  • Rented/bought props.


I worked on the following shows: 

Mi Sueño es Bailar (Third season) - 2012
Noches con Platanito (First, second & third season) - 2013
Tengo Talento Mucho Talento (Closing of the ninth season) - 2013

Esto es Guerra (First, second & third season) - 2013, 2014
Reto Famosos (Fourth season) - 2014
Fenomeno Studios (web series) - 2015
Ricas Famosas Latinas (Third season) - 2015
Premios de la Radio - 2015

Christmas Promo - 2015


Latin Entertainment Works - Azteca TV - Los Angeles, CA                            December 2014 

Art Director

  • Designed and dressed the exterior set for the TV channel's Christmas special. 


Bilingual Foundation of the Arts - Los Angeles, CA                                             December 2011

Set Dresser (volunteer) for the play Too Many Tamales. 


Pol-ka Producciones S.A. - Buenos Aires, Argentina                           October 2005 – March 2011

Graphic Designer and Associate Art Director

  • Graphic design of all set content that had graphic imagery: props, product packaging,                     car branding, posters, art, photomontages, articles seen in newspapers and magazines,           signage, etc., for both onsite sets and exterior locations.

  • Worked closely with the set builders, fulfilling a variety of duties as Set Designer/Assistant, Furniture Designer and as Technical Drawer. 


I worked on the following shows: 

Sos mi Vida - 2005
Mujeres de Nadie - 2006  
Son de Fierro - 2006  
Mujeres de Nadie II - 2007  
Por Amor a Vos - 2008
Enséñame a Vivir - 2009
Alguien que me Quiera - 2010
Los Unicos - 2011

Municipality of Vicente Lopez - Buenos Aires, Argentina                   July 2000 - February 2004 

Municipal Building Inspector

  • Verified that all of the constructions (houses, apartment buildings, business premises, housing complexes, etc.) complied with all legal and safety regulations and building codes in force in Argentina.

  • Worked with personnel under my supervision.        



University of Buenos Aires (UBA) - Buenos Aires, Argentina                                      1999 - 2005

Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo / University of Architecture, Design and Urbanism

Completed the first three years of a five-year degree in Architecture.     


Escuela de Educación Técnica N°2 - Buenos Aires, Argentina                                 1991 - 1996

Master Builder / Maestro Mayor de Obras

This degree combines Architecture and Engineering and authorizes me to design buildings in their entirety (structure, installations and overall design) and carry out the construction as the only

responsible professional, building up to five stories and two underground levels. 






Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator

Corel Draw

Corel Painter


Microsoft Office Word/ Excel



Native Spanish Speaker



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